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Planning House Extensions

You don’t have to relocate to a new property if you a can have an extension in your existing one. You can add more rooms and extra living space, and install some new decorations and other equipment. You can reuse or sell old materials rather than throwing them away for you to save some cash.

Cellar Conversions

When you don't have the area to expand your home at the ground level, a downstairs room renovation might be the best way to add living space and economic value. 

Considering Solid Wood

You can be creative with the materials you will use for your home expansion. Wooden house expansions have become popular over the years. Timber is a common material for house extensions that offers many advantages. Light And Portable:
A timber frame expansion can be a practical option if the carrying capacity of existing components is at maximum level or if the house cannot carry heavy loads. Versatility:
You can do different designs, inside and outside finishes blending perfectly or contrasting interestingly with the rest of the house. Ecologically-friendly Material
Timber is a natural insulator, which helps you save a substantial amount of energy when compared to other construction materials. Time Efficient
Depending on the design for your house expansion project, the contractor can put up the main structure within a matter of days rather than weeks. Economical
Since wooden extensions are time-efficient not time-consuming, it means you can save on the daily operations and other materials for the project. No Setting Time Necessary
Electricians and plumbers can begin work before the structure is complete because there is no need to wait for the material to dry.

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Find a contractor that you are comfortable working with. When you start a house extension project, you will be spending most of your time supervising the project and regularly communicating with the contractor. Your builder should also offer regular job updates to you.

Lateral Extensions

Side extensions and an open flow of spacious living and dining areas appeal to the way people live now. Having a huge, well-lit family area that has access to the garden is also a great design.

Attic Extensions

An attic transformation is the perfect solution to make use of an existing space of your house more functional. If you want to be sure that you will get the most of it, employ a specialist to do the job for you.

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