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Expanding At Ground Level

Ground level extensions with an open flow concept are widely common these days. A spacious ground floor area that opens up to the garden is very appealing design.

Take time to shop around to get the best deals.

Checking out different contractors will help you decide which one can maximize your resources. When you start a home expansion project, you will be spending most of your time overseeing the work and regularly communicating with the contractor. The contractor must update you every now and then about the project.

Renovating A Furnace Room

Renovating or expanding your downstairs room or simply transforming it is a smart means to add an extra room in your home. 

Side House Addition

A side extension can provide the much-needed space to your home. Planning a side expansion is easy, but there are certain rules to follow when creating your design.

Building Home Extensions

You don’t have to relocate to a new house if you a can have an extension in your existing one. You can extend the ground floor or second floor, utilize your loft or basement, and much more. You can cut down cost by reusing, recycling, and repairing existing materials of your property.

Useful Tips for House Extension

Unfortunately, a lot of people do house extensions in a awful way without any solid plan as to whether they are making the house more valuable or un-sellable. Ask a real estate agent about renovation trends and real estate value in your area. Employ a reputable contractor to avoid serious renovation problems and damages on your property.

Government regulations also order that any new structure must follow energy-saving guidelines. Think about what you desire from your extension.

Active in Trade Associations.

You can expect a reputable contractor to be a member of such trade associations. You can validate the contractor’s membership to see their track record. Never deal with unlicensed contractors. You’ll be investing in a lot of funds to realize your house extension. You don’t want your investment to be put to waste. Contractors who are operating legally offer insurance and building permits.

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