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Useful Tips for House Extension

You have to put so much thought into even the smallest details of the extension to make sure your investment is worth it. Know about the value of real estate in your area. Get a professional builder to work on your home expansion project.

There’s also been a big move towards sourcing more eco-friendly materials. You must think through the design plan thoroughly.

A contractor must be a member of a local Trade Organization.

Housing contractors have their own trade associations where they can get a certification. You can verify the contractor’s membership to check their track record. The contractor should have a legal authorization to do business. You’ll be putting in a lot of money to realize your house expansion. With a authorized contractor, you know you are in good hands. A Licensed builder will be able to show to you permits and provides you insurance.

Renovating Or Expanding At Ground Level

Side extensions and an open flow of large living and dining areas relates to the way people live today. A spacious ground floor space that opens up to the garden is very attractive design.

Sidelong Extension

The side-return area, which is the pathway that runs alongside the ground floor area of the home, is a good area for extension. Planning a side extension is doable, but there are specific rules to follow when making your design.

Main Building Company Shaftesbury

The quality of a major home expansion project mostly depends upon the contractor you will hire. It is always best to ask expert advice from builders instead of doing it yourself. You will have many things in your mind when you start a house extension project.

If you want your house expansion successful, you need to know what a good builder is. Learning more about the expansion builders before hiring them will help you determine the quality and skills of their workmanship.

Glass Extension

This technique of home extension will make an absolute design statement for your home. If you have a beautiful view in your home, a glass extension is the best way to incorporate the outside to the inside. With glass roofing and sun pipes, this kind of extension provides natural lighting and increase the feeling of an airy space in your home. The effect glass will have on your dwelling can be amazing in comparison with more conventional roofing materials, giving you a view of the skies. It is best to use glass to extend an old structure because it is a more delicate material than a customary one. Conversely, consider the type of use the glass extension will have, where it’s facing, and it’s general impact to the house. Glass extensions are ideal for kitchen renovations, but the appliances should be at the center of the room. A glass extension can be less costly than a conventional expansion.

However, using glass as a building material is not easy, as it is heavy and fragile. Builders supply and set up glass for extensions with the best manufacturing quality and are fully capable of dealing with the hostile climate. Glass is a very versatile building material, can withstand extreme weather conditions, and it is can last long.

Cellar Conversions

Even if the cost is a little bit more expensive, renovating or expanding your underground room can be quite practical. 

Have You Considered Wood?

You can be creative with the materials you will use for your house extension. Today, majority of homeowners and construction companies go for wooden house extensions. Wooden house expansions or timber frame expansions offer a vast variety of design possibilities.

Timber is quite a strong material and has relatively low weight. Versatility:
You can add wood frames to almost any type of house, and the outside finish can blend with your existing home or have a contrasting look for a striking appeal. Eco-friendly Material
Timber is a natural insulator, which helps you save a huge amount of energy when compared to other building materials. Building Faster
Using wood frame allows the construction process to continue as weather conditions do not affect the wood, and the builder can finish the structure off site. Cost-efficient
Because this kind of expansion is time-efficient, it also means you will be spending less. No Setting Time Needed
Because timber is dry, it is an easy building material to work with, making the construction fast.

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