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Bathroom Installation and Renovations

Choosing a bathroom finishing that is easy to maintain and keep clean at all times, not only saves you cash and time conducting maintenance, it also improves the durability of your remodel by maintaining a fresh new look. A bathroom remodel is one of the rewarding projects a home owner can undertake. A bathroom remodel guarantees that you will get back your remodeling expenses back when you decide to put your house in the market.

Bathroom Renovations

We are committed in ensuring that our clientèle is able to enjoy a design forward bathroom remodel in the time being. While considering a bathroom remodel it is important that you choose that meets your needs effectively without breaking your bank. For you to get insight on how much you should spend in this endeavor it is important for a person to consider the advice of bathroom experts. Engaging bathroom experts allows you to get important tips on how much you should spend for a specific remodel. Our company is well known for the high quality and affordable bathroom remodeling it offers. Our experts are dedicated in ensuring that our customers get value for their money and are always willing to offer valuable advice to both our customers and potential customers. Depending on the specifics of a particular remodel the cost of conducting a bathroom remodel starts at 1000 Pounds.

Eco-friendly Designs

Our company is a champion of sustainable development and is very aware of the important role the environment plays in our day to day life. Those of our customers who are keen on environmental conservation will love our options for eco-friendly remodels. Eco friendly remodeling is done with water and energy conservation in mind. This kind of remodeling is known to have incredible benefits late on, these benefits include; improving the general health of you and your family and saving money. Our company is one of the most celebrated home remodeling enterprises in Dorset.

We are committed in ensuring that our clients get maximum satisfaction from our services. Offering the best services to our customers is the foundation of our business and we always strive to ensure this happens to our best of ability. Our prices are competitive and we offer a wide selection of services in regards to bathroom remodeling. Contact us for the best and most reliable services in town.

Our team of experienced tilers, plumbers and electricians are always ready to fit and install your bathroom with the least disruption. All you need to do as an interested party is make an installation appointment which is quite easy. Booking bathroom installations is something that can be done on line on our website, if you live or work within our establishment you can always visit our offices and make the appointment physically. Our holistic and meticulous bathroom installation sets us apart from our competition in that, we offer our customers with the full array bathroom fitting services and other related services.

Our company has been in the business of supplying and designing bathrooms to our customers for a long time. Our bathroom make overs are done professionally and are always completed within the agreed time frame. We are also keen on ensuring that the installations are done within the agreed budget allocation. The shape and size of your bathroom normally affects how long a proper installation will take. This also influences the kind of material that will be employed in making the installation.

Kitchen Installation and Remodeling

Our company is focused on providing our clients with kitchen remodels that are good looking, comfortable and affordable. We also provide people with valuable tips in regards to the installation of kitchen lighting, counters and cabinets. We also focus on offering the most innovative services while taking care not to erode your budget. We are very much alive to the fact that a kitchen remodel is a matter that begs careful consideration and should not be rushed into. Our experts will ensure that they furnish you with the best advice in regards to the remodeling so as to ensure that you get the most out of the exercise.

Kitchen Renovations

Cost Competitive

The cost of remodeling a kitchen is dependent on a number of factors. These factors include the type of materials being used for the remodeling, layout, shape and the size of the kitchen. The contractor you choose to conduct this exercise has the potential of influencing how expensive this exercise will be. The kitchen is obviously the most popular room in a home and therefore there is need to ensure it is built to comfortably support the needs of a household. Most people spend more than they intended on their remodels. Our company ensures that we offer our customers with the best remodels within their budget.

The company offers fully coordinated kitchen installation services which are meant save both the client and the company valuable time and money. We do this especially when it comes to the fitting and installation of tricky fittings such as taps, sinks, appliances and worktops. We also do so by conducting a pre-installation visit to our customer’s house in order to establish the accuracy of the order and proper measurements.

Our company looks forward to creating your dream kitchen within your budget. Our full circle service was created to ensure this. The service covers the entire process from buying the kitchen to the end of installation. Depending on a customer’s budget we are happy to provide state of the art services that are personalized and technology savvy. The cost of installing a kitchen is dependent on several things such as the shape, size, layout and the materials you choose.

Kitchen Sinks

Those looking to change how their kitchen looks by changing its kitchen sink and faucet should contact us for the job. Our qualified staff ensures that the exercise is done meticulously since there are potential plumbing problems that may arise if the job is not done well. This problems will in the long run cost you money and many other inconveniences. Our competent staff is very well versed with the installation of different sinks in the market. Whatever our customer’s taste is, we are always in a position to see to it that their aspirations come to fruition.

House Extensions

House extensions are one of the most affordable and innovative solutions our company offers to both our customers and potential customers. House extensions add extra space in your house allowing you to make provisions for whatever you want. The company has specialized in a number of bespoke projects of house extension. We ensure that the extension is done in a manner that adds value to your property. Most importantly we ensure that the extension is done in a manner that is tailored to suit a particular client’s demand. Our experts are able to bring the customer's demands for an extension to life within a short time.

There are several factors that come into play when it comes to calculating what it would cost a home owner to extend his/her home. These factors vary from the size of the extension project down to the quality of paint you want to be used. Our company is more than willing to advice our customers on the most affordable options. It is important to note that each project has its own unique circumstances that may affect the overall cost of construction.

There are many factors that come into play when it comes to calculating how much a house extension its cost. The cost depends on whether the customer wants a single story extension, double story, garage extension, loft conversion, basement extension or cellar conversion. That notwithstanding, we are committed on ensuring that the extension is done in affordable way within the prevailing building circumstances.

Glass House Extensions - Conservatories

Glass Home extensions

Glass extensions are a very popular way of adding the much-needed space and style to your house. Glass extensions are both beautiful to look at and versatile in nature. We deal with bespoke glass extensions and use the most superior building materials and craftsmanship during the building process. The cost of glass extensions varies on the size of the extension and where the extension is being done.

Our experts will advise customers looking to install conservatories on all matters surrounding the process. The advice will focus on such things as energy conservation and the strict regulations that have been put in place in regards to use of glass as a building material. As always the company is committed in giving the best services at the most affordable prices.

Side and Back Extensions

Side extensions are supposed to be no wider than half the width of the main house. The company offers its customers a full build and design package service. This will save them the extra cost for paying engineers and architects.

A rear extension is an excellent idea for those who want to add space to their homes. Rear extensions are easily accommodated in terms of a spatial point of view and planning. The company builds extensions in the back of the house within the requirements of the law and customer instructions. We specialize in building tastefully designed back house extensions that are tailored to suit the needs of our esteemed clientele.

Small house extensions ideas

Below are a few things you need to consider before engaging in a home extension exercise.

  • Consider building up
  • Choose an extension that is either sympathetic or contrasting, depending on what effect you want the extension to have.
  • Utilize the ceiling space
  • Connect different spaces with glazes

We build innovative modular extensions at the most competitive rates in the market. The service is done within a short time and with minimum disruption. Modular extensions are built faster than many other standard extensions mainly because the building materials are built off site and delivered there when they are ready.

Driveway Installations

We install driveways that are attractive to look at and durable. We have driveway pavers that are available in a variety of colors and style depending on our clients’ preference. Driveway pavers are available for both commercial and domestic use.

Driveway pavers

There are quite a number of driveway designs available to our prospective customers and customers. The driveway designs we offer our customers are beautiful and exciting to look at. We have number of concrete drive ways that are eye catching and durable. Some of these drive way designs include; paver fan, permeable pavers, herringbone patterns amongst many others.


If you are looking for a durable and attractive look concrete driveways are the way to go. These kinds of pavers are a popular choice for sidewalks and pool surrounds. We have different kinds of concrete pavers home owners will be spoilt for choice when they see what we have to offer.

As home improvement contractors we are aware that most of our clients require services and products that are of a high quality and affordable. Concrete driveways are available in two different options, pattern imprinted concrete blocks and concrete block paving. Normally the pattern imprinted blocks cost more to install than the plain concrete blocks.


For centuries stones have been utilized in the making of walkways, driveways and paths of all kinds. It is also one of the most affordable driveway options available to homeowners. The company guarantees its customers stone driveways that are that are skillfully built and designed so as to give the home a grander look.


Brick driveways are durable and attractive if they are installed properly. The company has experts who specialize in building brick driveways that are excellently designed and durable. They are however, more costly than other driveway making materials. Those looking to use this material understand that beauty comes at a price.

The cost of building a driveway varies on the choice that a customer makes. If the drive way is to be made of concrete, the price may be a little higher than that made of stones for example. Secondly the material used for concrete driveways may affect the cost of the drive way. We always ensure that we give our customers the best deals and offers so as to save them an extra coin.

Loft Conversions

We specialize in loft conversions that are 100% bespoke. Our conversions are surprisingly affordable and we build them within a few weeks. We do our job with minimum fuss and disruptions while at the same time guaranteeing our customers maximum satisfaction. Additionally, loft conversions add value to your home.

Loft conversions

The cost of conversion does not need to be sky high as other home improvement contractors would have you think. We specialize in cost effective ways of loft conversion with a mind of saving the customer money while at the same time adding value to his/her house.

The cost of this project will vary depending on several things but not limited to;

  • The type of roof you have.
  • Age of the house.
  • The area a customer resides in.
  • Whether or not you need planning permission.

Loft Ideas

When converting a loft below are a few things that can make the exercise easier and more effective.

  • Use material that is transparent.
  • Utilize the house’s original features.
  • Use all the space available.
  • Be creative and think outside the box.

The truth of the matter is that some lofts are too small to be converted. Establishing whether your loft is too small for conversion is a simple exercise measure to check whether the loft measures at least 2.4 Meters at its highest point. Converting other lofts may be tricky for several reasons, chief amongst them is the fact that it may turn out to be too small once it is completed.

Small lofts can still be converted to make reading rooms and lounges. Loft conversions enable homeowners to gain another room in their house. The most important question we posse to our customers is which the most convenient conversion for them is and at what price. We have several options available to our customers all designed to cater for their financial wellbeing.

We have quite a number of interesting loft designs available. The design of a loft conversion varies from one house to the other due to certain factors. Our experts are good at establishing which design will best suit your loft. Some of the designs available include;

Some of the designs available include;

  • Home office with a view.
  • Converting your loft into a reading space.
  • Making a lounge.
  • Storage.
  • A loft can be converted to make a storage facility for your home. We specialize in converting and utilizing your loft space. Normally, we advise our clients to convert the empty space in their lofts into storage space. After the conversion your loft will be clean and fully insulated from the elements.

    Landscape Gardeners

    Gardening and Landscape Projects

    Landscapes offer us a number of services which include patios and driveways. The company deals with all landscaping and building services. Landscaping also helps in improving the beauty of a compound. We have experts who are very well experienced on matters to do with landscaping. Contact us now to secure the services of the best landscapers in town.

    Contrary to popular belief you don’t need to spend thousands in trying to create your dream landscape. Our company focuses on delivering the best landscaping services at the most competitive rates in town. Our experts can provide you with a variety of designs depending on your budget and space.

    No matter the circumstances our landscapers will always ensure that you get the most suitable design for your space. Over the years we have established ourselves as the most reliable provider of home improvement services including landscaping. You can contact us through the telephone numbers available to you on the website or by email. We are known to offer state-of-the-art landscaping services to our esteemed customers without fail.