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Guide to Extending Your Home

Be certain you get the maximum benefits from your home extension project. Learn about the rate of real estate in your neighborhood. Hire a reputable builder to avoid serious extension mistakes and damages on your property. There’s also been a big move towards sourcing more environmentally sound materials. You must think through the design direction thoroughly.

A local Trade Association member.

Housing contractors have their own trade organizations where they can obtain a certification. You can verify the contractor’s membership to see their track record. The builder should have a legal authorization to do business. You need to spend a huge amount of money on such project and pay the contractor substantial fees. Working with illegal contractors could drain your funds and leave you with an unfinished project. An authorized builder will be able to present to you permits and offers you insurance.

Ground-level Extensions

Side extensions and an open flow of large living and dining areas relates to the way people live now. A spacious ground level space that opens up to the garden is very attractive design.

Side House Building Or Construction

By constructing on to the side of the home, you can make your home bigger and much better. In most cases, you need a planning permission for a side house extension.

House Extension Companies Oakley

The quality of a major home expansion project greatly depends upon the contractor you will hire. Sometimes, it is just a good idea to hire a builder or specific craftsman to do the job for you. You’ll be busy with other stuff like building permits, the budget, and so on.

Here are some tips that could guide you in choosing a professional help. It’s basically doing research of the contractors you wish to work for you.

Glass Conversions

Glass home extension can bring a certain appeal to any house project. If you have a beautiful view in your property, a glass extension is the best design to incorporate the outside to the inside. With glass roofing and sun pipes, this kind of extension offers natural lighting and increase the feeling of a wider space in your house. Adding glass roofing will help create an open and airy space, allowing you to admire the sky above.

Using glass as a material for expansion can be a great highlight of a old property. Nonetheless, consider the type of use the glass extension will have, where it’s facing, and it’s overall effect to the home. When incorporating glass extension to a kitchen, position the appliances at the center of the space and not against the glass wall. Not only do you create more space and spend less, your home becomes more valuable with a glass extension.

However, glass can be more challenging to install than most other construction materials. Getting a legal contractor is the key to a successful glass extension, as they provide quality materials and services. Glass is not easily damaged and it entails only very little cleaning, so it will definitely last.

Renovating A Furnace Room

Even if the expense is a bit more expensive, remodeling your underground room can be quite functional. 

Have You Thought About Timber?

If you want an extension, you don’t necessarily limit yourself in using the same materials of your existing house. Over the years, more households and contractors choose wood for house expansion projects. Wooden home extension or timber cladding expansion can introduce a whole new character to the property.

Light In Weight:
Wood weighs fairly less, making it a good choice for an extra loft or storey. Versatility:
You can produce any style with timber frame structures, and will go along harmoniously with your existing home or make a contrast it to stand out. Eco-friendly Material
Wood is an environmentally friendly material with great insulation properties. Time Effective
A wooden frame for a house expansion offers a quick build-time much faster than other construction methods. Cost-conscious
With wooden home expansions, your building expenses is lower than that of using concrete, bricks or stones. No Drying Time
Bad weather conditions do not lag construction because wood is a natural dry material.

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