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Designing House Extensions

Making an extension for your home is a great alternative than moving out and searching larger spaces to live in. You can do a lot with extension and realize the result you expect. You can reuse or sell old materials rather than throwing them away for you to save some funds.

Converting A Downstairs Room

Although the cost is slightly more expensive, extending your basement can be very practical. 

Have You Considered Wood?

When you do a house expansion, you can play with the style and design as well as the materials used. Today, majority of homeowners and construction companies opt for wooden house extensions. Timber cladding or wooden house extension has many interesting features.

Timber weighs fairly less, making it a good choice for an extra loft or floor. Versatility:
You can do different designs, inside and outside finishes blending perfectly or contrasting interestingly with the rest of the structure. Environmentally-friendly Material
Sustainable manufactured timber has a natural insulation characteristic, which makes an energy-efficient space. Handy
Depending on the design for your house extension project, the contractor can put up the main structure within a matter of days rather than weeks. Quite A Bit Cheaper
With wooden home expansions, your building expenses is lesser than that of using concrete, bricks or stones. No Setting Time Necessary
Because wood is dry, it is a less hassle building material to work with, making the construction fast.

Find an offer that does not compromise quality.

Allow as many offers from different builders in order to find the best deals. You will have a regular conversation with your contractor about your house extension project. Your builder should also give regular work updates to you.

Expanding At Ground Level

Side extensions and an open flow of large living and dining areas appeal to the way people live now. Full-height doors are great to help blend the indoors to the garden or outdoors.

Loft Conversions

An attic conversion is a great solution to utilize an existing area of your house more functional. To ensure you achieve this, you have to employ a professional builder who specializes on loft conversions.

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