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A smart means to get the additional space you want in your home is to add an extension instead of relocating. You can add more rooms and extra living space, and install some new decorations and other equipment. You can reuse or sell old materials rather than throwing them away for you to save some cash.

Basement Conversions

Underground room extensions are a simple yet effective means to extend and a great option if you live in a very expensive area. 

Renovating With Hardwood

When you do a home expansion, you can have fun with the style and design as well as the materials used. Today, majority of homeowners and construction companies opt for wooden house expansions. Timber cladding or wooden house expansion has many interesting features.

Light And Portable:
Timber is lighter than other building materials such as brick and cement. Versatility:
You can make any style with wood frame structures, and will go along harmoniously with your existing home or make a contrast it to stand out. Environmentally-friendly Material
Wood is a natural insulator, which helps you save a huge amount of energy when compared to other construction materials. Time Effective
The time that it takes to construct a wooden home expansion on site is quicker than a traditionally built house extension of standard brick and block construction. More Cost Effective
Since wooden extensions are time-efficient not time-consuming, it means you can save on the day-to-day operations and other materials for the project. No Drying Time
Bad weather conditions do not delay construction because timber is a natural dry material.

Get the best offer without sacrificing quality.

Let different contractors bid for the project. When you start a home extension project, you will be spending most of your time supervising the project and frequently communicating with the builder. Your builder should also offer regular job updates to you.

Renovating Or Expanding At Ground Level

Side extensions and an open flow of large living and dining areas appeal to the way people live today. The flow of the structure, finishes, and materials such as the flooring must blend with the outside space.

Attic Conversions

You can extend your attic in many ways such as building an extra living space, playroom, and so on. Make sure it yields the biggest return on investment by hiring an expert of loft conversion.

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