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Seeking help from company is the first step in choosing the right contractor. While skills and knowledge are important, the character of the contractor has equal weight. You must feel comfortable with the builder and his workers since they will be staying most of the time in your home for several weeks.

The building project can run efficiently if you and your contractor can maintain a good relationship. A good loft conversion specialist will also mention about insurance to cover any accidents during the building process without you having to ask.

Small Attic Extensions

A small loft conversion could still provide the space you need. However, you need to check the basic requirements of this project to make sure the small space is permissible for conversion. Make the measurement yourself and check if the space meet the minimum requirement. Note that the conversion process will further decrease head height, since the roof requires paneling and plastering and a proper floor has to be installed. Transform the small space into storage with built-in cabinets and drawers for practicality.

Another great idea for small loft conversions is turning it into a bedroom. It is also possible for you to build an office with your small loft conversion. An extra bathroom is always convenient for growing families, and a small loft space can provide the perfect space to add one to your current home. You can also make use of a small space by turning it into a room that is associated with your hobbies and interests.

Dormer Loft Renovation

A dormer loft conversion is a good deal for homeowners who are looking to add another bedroom. A dormer is specifically effective where the pitch angle is high, as it increases the useful floor area. The room will have vertically straight walls partnered with a horizontal ceiling, going against the slanted walls of the roof. If you’re looking to get enough daylight, dormers are definitely the answer. Dormers can be single, full width, side, L-shape and hip-to-gable. Planning permission is usually not required for a dormer loft conversion unless the property is a flat or in a conservation area. There are many ways to build a dormer type of loft conversion.

Installation of dormers includes opening the roof and fitting in the required timbers on site. They usually involve complex angle cuts, so you may want to consider a professional to do the job. Some contractors make the dormers in their workshop, and then install them onsite, allowing quick installation, and quick weatherproofing. A well-designed dormer can make a roof-line more appealing.

Try To Compare Prices

Many households across the country are into loft conversion, as it is an excellent way to add space and worth to your home. To ensure you'll have great success and and a great ROI, you must have careful organization and decide on the type of loft conversion you have. Loft conversions require the proficiency of a contractor specializing in the trade because of the complicated procedures involved. The breakdown of the cost includes site set-up, demolishing, scaffolding, strengthening the floor, steelwork, plumbing, electrics, building and installation, plastering, roof-covering, internal decoration, and cleaning.

Smaller loft conversion companies will typically charge 10 to 15 percent cheaper than large companies do. Planning fees and VAT are usually separate payments, as the loft conversion company would normally exclude it from the total cost quote. Since there are many considerations, it is best to ask contractors for a quote of your own loft conversion project.

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