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Guide to Extending Your Home

It is vital to make the best of your house extension and increase its worth. Ask a real estate agent about renovation trends and real estate value in your street. Leave the rest of the project to a professional builder.

There’s also been a big move towards using more environmentally sound materials. Think about what you desire from your extension.

Choose a builder who is active in local Trade Organizations.

You’ll know that the builder is dependable when he or she is a certified member of the local trade organization. Through these associations, you will know how well the contractors do the work. The contractor should have a legal authorization to do business. You’ll be putting in a lot of funds to realize your house extension. Your investment is at risk, so therefore you need to be sure that your builder is legitimate. AvoidStay away from housing builders that have pending cases and those that work with no proper insurance and permits.

Renovating Or Expanding At Ground Level

If you wish an extension at the ground level, you can go for an open flow design of the kitchen, dining, and living space. Having a huge, well-lit family area that has access to the garden is also a great design.

Sidelong Expansion

By adding a side extension, not only you are creating a bigger and more comfortable living space, but you are also putting in value to your home. In most cases, you need a planning permission for a side home extension.

Home Makeover Services Christchurch

The quality of a major house extension project mostly depends upon the builder you will employ. Sometimes, it is just a good idea to hire a builder or specific tradesman to do the work for you. You’ll be preoccupied with other things like building permits, the budget, and so on.

If you want your house extension successful, you have to know what a reliable builder is. Knowing more about the expansion builders before hiring them will help you determine the quality and skills of their workmanship.

Renovating Or Expanding With Glass

Glass home extension can bring glamour to any house project. If you have a beautiful view in your property, a glass extension is the best design to incorporate the outside to the inside. With the improvements in glass technology and building techniques, glass extensions can flood gloomy areas with light. You and your family can get a healthy dose of vitamin D from the sunlight, while gazing at the skies without going outside.

Using glass as a material for extension can be a great highlight of a historic house. Yet, make sure that wherever the glass extension is facing, it should provide a positive element to the property. Glass extensions are ideal for kitchen renovations, but the units should be at the center of the space. Not only do you create more space and spend less, your home becomes more valuable with a glass extension.

On the flipside, glass can be more difficult to install than most other building materials. Getting a legal contractor is the key to a successful glass extension, as they provide quality materials and services. There are water-resistant glass and fireproof glass, and self-cleaning glass.

Cellar Conversions

When you don't have the area to extend your house at the ground level, a downstairs room conversion might be the best option to add more livable area and economic value. 

The Use Of Solid Wood As An Option

House expansions are not limited to concrete or bricks, as you can use a variety of different materials for construction. Over the years, more households and contractors choose wood for home expansion projects. A wooden house extension or timber frame expansion has an appealing impact in upgrading a house. Easy To Carry:
Timber is quite a strong material and has fairly low weight. Versatility:
You can do different designs, inside and outside finishes blending perfectly or contrasting interestingly with the rest of the structure. Ecologically-friendly Material
Wood is an environmentally friendly material with great insulation properties. Building Faster
The time that it takes to build a wooden home extension on site is quicker than a traditionally built house expansion of standard brick and block construction. Economical
Because this type of extension is time-efficient, it also means you will be spending less. Wood is Dry
With timber, there is no setting time needed, which speeds up construction.

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